You upgrade the vSphere Replication appliance and the vSphere Replication server by using a downloadable ISO image.


  • Upgrade the vCenter Server instance that vSphere Replication extends.
  • Download the VMware-vSphere_Replication-5.8.x.x-build_number.iso ISO image from the vSphere downloads page. Copy the ISO image file to a datastore that is accessible from the vCenter Server instance that you use with vSphere Replication.
  • Power off the vSphere Replication virtual machine.
Note: Create a snapshot of the vSphere Replication virtual machine before upgrading. You can delete the snapshot after the upgrade.


  1. Right-click the vSphere Replication virtual machine and select Edit Settings.
  2. In Virtual Hardware, select CD/DVD Drive > Datastore ISO File.
  3. Navigate to the ISO image in the datastore.
  4. For File Type, select ISO Image and click OK.
  5. Check the box to connect at power on and follow the prompts to add the CD/DVD Drive to the vSphere Replication virtual machine.
  6. Restart the vSphere Replication virtual machine.
  7. In a Web browser, log in to the virtual appliance management interface (VAMI).
    If you are updating vSphere Replication 5.5.x, go to https:// vr_appliance_address:5480.
  8. Click the Update tab.
  9. Click Settings and select Use CDROM Updates, then click Save.
  10. Click Status and click Check Updates.
    The appliance version appears in the list of available updates.
  11. Click Install Updates and click OK.
  12. After the updates install, click the System tab and click Reboot to complete the upgrade.
  13. Log out of the vSphere Web Client, clear the browser cache, and log in again to see the upgraded appliance.

What to do next

If your infrastructure uses more than one vSphere Replication server, you must upgrade all of the vSphere Replication servers to 5.8. Repeat these steps to upgrade each vSphere Replication server.