In the vSphere Web Client, on the vSphere Replication tab under Manage, you can check the states of the connections to target sites.

The following table lists the states that you can observe, their meanings, and what you can do to change a state back to normal.

Table 1. Site Connection States
Icon Status Description Remediation
The status of the connection between source and destination site is connected Connected The connection between the source site and the target site is working properly. Not needed.
The connection status between the source and the destination site is disconnected Not authenticated

The remote site is online, but your user session has expired.

In this state, you must enter credentials to manage replication tasks.

Already configured replications are running in the background.

Reconnect the sites. See vSphere Replication Sites Appear in the Not Authenticated State.
Cannot establish a connection between the source and the target site Connection issue
  • The SSL certificate on the remote site has been changed.
  • The network connection between the source site and the target site is not functioning properly, or the remote site is offline.
  • The user that is used for authentication with the Lookup Service or the VRMS extension user in the SSO might be disabled or deleted.

In this state, configured replications might not be running.

  • Select the target site that indicates the Connection issue status and click the Reconnect icon (Reconnect to a cloud site).

    See Reconnect to a Remote Site.

  • In the inventory tree, click the vCenter Server and navigate to the Events tab under Monitor to search for events related to vSphere Replication.
  • Verify the status of the remote site.