You can reconfigure a replication to change the datastore where replicated data is saved.

Note: The old target datastore from which you want to move the replication data must be online. If the old datastore is inaccessible, the reconfiguration task fails. To change the target datastore when the old datastore is inaccessible, you must stop the replication to the old datastore and configure another replication to the new datastore.


  1. In the vSphere Replication Home page, click the Monitor tab and click Outgoing Replications or Incoming Replications.
  2. Right-click the replication for which you want to change the target datastore and select Reconfigure.
    The reconfiguration wizard open. You might be prompted to provide login credentials for the target site.
  3. Click Next to reach the Target location page of the wizard.
  4. Select the new target datastore.
  5. Click Next until you reach the Ready to complete page and click Finish to save your settings.


vSphere Replication moves all replicated instances and configuration files to the new target datastore according to your settings.