You can reconfigure a replication to enable or disable the saving of point in time instances, or to change the number of instances that vSphere Replication keeps.

vSphere Replication can save replication instances that can be used as snapshots after recovery or planned migration operations. You can save up to 24 point in time instances per VM.


  1. On the vSphere Replication Home page, click the Monitor tab, and click Outgoing Replications.
  2. Select the replication that you want to reconfigure and click the Reconfigure replication icon Change the quiescing method or the RPO, or right-click the replication source virtual machine and select All vSphere Replication Actions > Reconfigure.

    The reconfiguration wizard opens. You might be prompted to provide login credentials for the target site.

  3. Click Next until you reach the Recovery settings page of the wizard.
  4. In the Point in time instances pane, make the changes that you want to apply and click Next.
    Action Procedure
    Enable the saving of point in time instances Select the Enable check box.
    Disable the saving of point in time instances Deselect the Enable check box.
    Adjust the number of instances to keep Use the spin-boxes to adjust the number of instances to keep per day and the number of past days for which you want to keep replication instances.
    Note: You cannot keep more than 24 replication instances per virtual machine.
  5. Click Finish to save your changes.


If you selected to disable the saving of point in time instances, the instances that exist on the target site are deleted when the next replication instance appears on the target site. The moment when a new replication instance is saved on the target site depends on the RPO setting.