You reconfigure a replication to change the RPO settings, the number of replication instances to keep, or the quiescing method that is applied when synchronizing the replication source virtual machine to your cloud organization.

About this task

Cloud replications appear in the Outgoing Replications list on the vSphere Replication tab under Monitor.


  1. On the vSphere Replication Home page, click the Monitor tab, and click Outgoing Replications.
  2. Select the cloud replication that you want to reconfigure and click the Reconfigure replication icon Change the quiescing method or the RPO, or right-click the replication source virtual machine and select All vSphere Replication Actions > Reconfigure.

    The reconfiguration wizard opens.

  3. If the connection to the cloud organization has expired, type your user credentials and click Next to reconnect.
  4. (Optional) To reconfigure the quiescing method, use the drop-down menu on the Replication options page and click Next.
  5. (Optional) To reconfigure the RPO, click Next until you reach the Recovery settings page, and modify the RPO value.
  6. (Optional) To modify the settings for saving point in time instances, use the spin-boxes in the Point in time instances pane.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click Finish to save your changes.