vSphere Replication shows the replication states of virtual machines that you configured for replication.

State Details for Each State
OK OK, Moving, Recovering
Warning Paused, OK(RPO violation), Not Active, Not Active(RPO violation), FullSync(RPO violation), Sync(RPO violation)
In Progress FullSync, Sync, Initial Full Sync, Configuring
Error Error, Error(RPO violation)
Recovered Recovered
Note: If a replication is in the Not Active replication state, you might have connected the source and target sites using network address translation (NAT). vSphere Replication does not support NAT. Use credential-based authentication and network routing without NAT when connecting the sites. Another cause for a Not Active replication state might be that the source virtual machine is powered off. Automatic replication works only on virtual machines that are powered on.