To install and use the vSphere Replication plug-in, your system must meet certain functional prerequisites.

vSphere Replication

Verify that the version of your vSphere Replication plug-in is compatible with your vSphere Replication.

For information about the compatibility between the vSphere Replication plug-in and vSphere Replication, see VMware vRealize Orchestrator Plug-In for vSphere Replication 6.5 Release Notes.

For information about setting up vSphere Replication, see the vSphere Replication Installation and Configuration documentation.

vRealize Orchestrator

Verify that you have a running instance of vRealize Orchestrator and its version is compatible with the versions of your vSphere Replication and vSphere Replication plug-in.

For information about the compatibility between vSphere Replication and Orchestrator, see the vSphere Replication 6.5 Release Notes and Compatibility matrices for vSphere Replication documentation.

For information about setting up vRealize Orchestrator, logging in the Orchestrator client, and available authentication methods, see the Installing and Configuring VMware vRealize Orchestrator documentation.

Other Prerequisites

Verify that you have installed thevCenter Server plug-in for vRealize Orchestrator. See the Using the vCenter Server Plug-In topic in the vRealize Orchestrator documentation.