The workflow configures replication for a virtual machine or vApp from a cloud site to the local site.

If the virtual machine is not powered on, replication is configured but full initial synchronization is completed when the virtual machine is powered on. You cannot run the workflow for a virtual machine which has replication configured.

Table 1. Configure Replication from Cloud Workflow Inputs




Cloud Site

Remote cloud site

Source vApp

vApp or virtual machine to be replicated



Local datastore to replicate to

Replication Settings

RPO in minutes

Recovery point objective in minutes (default value is 240)

Guest OS quiescing

Enabling OS quiescing improves data consistency, but limits RPO time

Network compression

Enabling replication data compression reduces network bandwidth, but increases CPU utilization

Point in time instances

Maximum supported number of snapshots per virtual machine is 24

Points in time enabled

Instances per day (multiplied by number of days should not exceed 24)

Number of snapshots taken per day

Number of days

Number of days for which snapshots are kept