Before you configure replication tasks to the cloud, you configure the connections between your vSphere environment and virtual data centers that belong to your cloud organizations.

About this task

You can connect a vCenter Server to multiple virtual data centers, and a virtual data center can be connected to multiple vCenter Server instances. However, you can have only one connection between a source vCenter Server and a target virtual data center.


Verify that you have user credentials for a cloud organization in which vCloud Director is enabled. Your cloud provider enables the Disaster Recovery to Cloud service per your contract.


  1. Click the Configure tab, click vSphere Replication > Target Sites, and click the cloud connection icon Create a connection to a cloud provider.

    The Connect to a Cloud Provider wizard opens.

  2. On the Connection settings page, type the address of your cloud provider, the organization name, and credentials to authenticate with the cloud.

    By default, vSphere Replication uses these credentials to establish a user session to the cloud and for system monitoring purposes. To enable system monitoring, these credentials will be stored in the vSphere Replication appliance, unless you select to use another user account for system monitoring.

  3. (Optional) If you do not want to store the credentials that you used for authentication, select the Use a different account for system monitoring check box, and type the credentials to be used for system monitoring.

    These credentials are encrypted and stored in the vSphere Replication database.

  4. Click Next.

    The Connect to a Cloud Provider wizard displays a list of virtual data centers to which you can connect. If a virtual data center is already connected to the vCenter Server, that data center does not appear in the list.

  5. From the list of virtual data centers, select a target for the connection and click Next.
  6. Review your settings and click Finish.


The connection to the cloud organization appears in the list of target sites. The status of the connection is Missing network settings.

What to do next

Select the networks on the target site that vSphere Replication must use for recovery operations. See Select Recovery Networks on the Target Virtual Data Center