The replication status of a virtual machine might appear as Not active without an obvious reason.


You use a vSphere Replication Server on the target site to manage replications, and the replication status for the virtual machines that this vSphere Replication Server manages is Not active though there is no obvious reason for this status.


The vSphere Replication appliance does not check the connectivity between vSphere Replication Server instances that you register and the ESXi host on the primary site. If you deploy vSphere Replication servers on the target site, but these servers cannot access the ESXi host on the primary site, the vSphere Replication servers register successfully with the vSphere Replication appliance, but cannot operate as expected.


  • If the replication status of a virtual machine is Not active, check the network connectivity between the host on which the replicated virtual machine is running and the target vSphere Replication Server.