You can use test recoveries to verify that source data is replicated correctly on the local site.

  • vSphere Replication prepares for the recovery operation.

    • If you perform a synchronization of the latest changes, vSphere Replication checks that the cloud site is available before recovering the virtual machine on the target site. Then vSphere Replication synchronizes the changes from the cloud to the local site.

    • If you skip the synchronization and recover with the latest data available, for example, if the cloud site is not available, vSphere Replication uses the latest available data at the local site.

  • vSphere Replication rebuilds the replicated .vmdk files.

  • vSphere Replication reconfigures the newly replicated virtual machine with the correct disk paths.

  • vSphere Replication registers the virtual machine with vCenter Server at the local site.

  • vSphere Replication connects the virtual machine to the local vCenter Server network if the test recovery network mapping is configured.