If a virtual machine was recovered in the cloud, you can replicate the virtual machine from your cloud environment to a vCenter Server.

You select whether to configure a new replication from cloud or a reverse replication from cloud depending on the condition of your local environment.

Configuring Replications from Cloud

When the local site does not contain data about a forward or reverse cloud replication for the virtual machine that you want to replicate, you can configure a replication from cloud for that machine.


If the local site contains outgoing replication data for a virtual machine that was recovered in the cloud virtual data center, you must stop that replication before attempting to configure a replication for the recovered virtual machine from cloud or use the Reverse replication action.

In addition to replicating virtual machines from your local site to the virtual data center in the cloud, you can also use replications from the cloud to restore your site by using the data that was previously replicated in the cloud. For example, a partial or complete breakdown has occurred at your local site, and the source virtual machines that were used for replications to cloud are missing. Additionally, the data for forward cloud replications is missing, too. In your cloud organization, you have recovered some of the replicated virtual machines. To restore them back on your local site, you can configure replications from cloud for the recovered virtual machines.

Reversing Replications to Cloud

On the local site, for a forward cloud replication that is in the recovered status, you can reverse that replication to start transferring data from the recovered virtual machine in the cloud to the local virtual machine that served as the replication source before the recovery operation.

You can configure a reverse replication to update a replicated virtual machine on your local site with the changes that occurred on its restored copy in the cloud. For example, you replicated a virtual machine from the local site to the cloud and recovered the virtual machine to the cloud to use it while your local site is being maintained. While the local site was offline, changes occurred in the recovered virtual machine in the cloud. When your local site is back online, you can copy the changes from the cloud to your local environment, or even migrate the virtual machine from the cloud back to the local environment.

When you reverse a replication, you can only use the original replication settings. You cannot change the datastore location, RPO, PIT policy, and so on.