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Check for additions and updates to these release notes.

VMware vSphere Replication is a minor product patch release. The content of the VMware vSphere Replication 8.3.1 Release Notes applies to this version as well.

What's in the Release Notes

These release notes cover the following topics:

Installation and Upgrade

For the supported upgrade paths for VMware vSphere Replication, select Upgrade Path and VMware vSphere Replication in the VMware Product Interoperability Matrices.

If you are running vSphere Replication 8.3.1, upgrade to vSphere Replication See Upgrading vSphere Replication in the VMware vSphere Replication Administration 8.3 for instructions about upgrading vSphere Replication.

If you use vSphere Replication with Site Recovery Manager 8.3.1.x, upgrade the vSphere Replication appliance to version See the Site Recovery Manager 8.3 Release Notes for information about Site Recovery Manager

Resolved Issues

  • NEW Reconfiguration process stuck in Configuring state

    If you are trying to move a large VM to a different datastore, the reconfiguration process might get stuck in Configuring state.

    Workaround: This issue is fixed in vSphere Replication

  • NEW Data does not sync properly after reverting to a snapshot

     If a full synchronization is in progress and you revert the protected VM to a snapshot, the data may not sync properly.

    Workaround: This issue has been fixed in vSphere Replication

Known Issues

  • NEW Reprotect process fails with an error

    If you configure a replication using a seed disk, which has a different UUID from the source disk and then try to run reprotect, the process fails with the following error:

    A recovered disk was not found for replicated disk with UUID xx-xx-xx-xx-xx.

    Workaround: Upgrading to vSphere Replication fixes the issue for new replications. For existing replications you must use one of the two workarounds:

    Workaround 1: For replications, which are in Recovered state (after performing failover) and you hit the issue during the reprotect process, you must do one of the following:
    A. Manually edit the disk database UUID (ddb.uuid) in the disks that you want to use as seeds. See Reprotect failed with "A recovered disk was not found for replicated disk with UUID xx-xx-xx-xx-xx" (KB 81881).
    B. Manually configure the replications in reverse direction and try to run the reprotect process again.

    Workaround 2:
    1. Upgade to vSphere Replication
    2. For replications, where you used seed disks and the disk database UUID (ddb.uuid) does not match, but the replication is not in Recovered state (failover not performed), stop the replication and select the option to retain the disks.
    3. Configure the replication again, using seeds.

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