If you change the NTP servers that your vSphere Replication server uses, you must also change the NTP server configuration of your vSphere Replication server.


  • Verify that the remote console of your vSphere Replication virtual machine is open and that you use root credentials.
  • Verify that the status of the NTP service of your vSphere Replication server is running.


  1. Open the /etc/ntp.conf file.
  2. Update the IP address or name of the NTP server or servers.
  3. (Optional) To add an extra NTP server, add the following line:
    server your_NTP_server_IP_address_or_name
  4. Save the change and close ntp.conf file.
  5. Run the systemctl reload-or-restart ntpd command to reload the NTP configuration.


Your vSphere Replication server is synchronized with the new NTP server.