Create a vSphere Replication user who can only configure a replication between sites and use a specific datastore on the target site.


  • Verify that two sites are connected.
  • Verify that you have another user account for each site.


  1. Log in as the Administrator user on the source site.
  2. Select vCenter > Permissions and assign to this user the VRM virtual machine replication user role with the propagate option.
  3. Assign the same privilege on the target replication site.
  4. On the target site, select the datastore to store your replica files, and select Manage > Permissions.
  5. Edit the assigned permission and assign the VRM target datastore user role.
  6. Log in as that user on the source site, select the virtual machine, and click Configure Replication to start the configuration wizard.
  7. Select the target site and enter the same user credentials.
  8. Accept the default selections until Target Location.
  9. For the target location, select the datastore to which you granted permission.