If the state of the connection to a target site is Not connected, you must repair the connection to manage existing replications, and to enable the creation of new replications.

The states of the connections to the target sites appear in the Site Recovery user interface.

If the source and the target vCenter Server instances use different vCenter Single Sign-On domains, the connection is considered remote. The vSphere Replication Management Server on the source site registers with the Platform Services Controller of the remote vCenter Single Sign-On domain. To establish a connection to a remote site, you provide the address of the vCenter Server and the Platform Services Controller, and enter the credentials of a user that has the VRM remote.VRM Server.Manage VRM privilege assigned. If the Platform Services Controller address changes or there is a change in the certificate, the connection status changes to Not connected and you must reconnect the two sites.
Note: You cannot use the Reconnect action to add a missing pairing or a pairing that was manually broken with Break Site Pair. If your site pair is missing a pairing, you must use New Site Pair to configure it.


Verify that the vCenter Server and the vSphere Replication Management Server on the local site are up and running, and that there is no network problem that can cause the Not connected status.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client or vSphere Web Client.
  2. On the home page, click Site Recovery and click Open Site Recovery.
  3. On the Site Recovery home page, select a site pair and click View Details.
  4. Select Site Pair > Summary, and click Reconnect.
    You can initiate the reconnect from either site, even if you only changed the installation on one of the sites.
  5. Select the services you want to pair. Enter the address of the Platform Services Controller on the remote site, provide the vCenter Single Sign-On user name and password, and click Reconnect.
    If the Platform Services Controller manages more than one vCenter Server instance, the other vCenter Server instances appear in the list but you cannot select a different instance. You can only select the vCenter Server instance that vSphere Replication already extends.


The connection status changes to Connected.