When the vCenter Server address of one site changes, the connection status between two sites is displayed as Not connected and you cannot reconnect the sites.


If you have two connected sites, and the vCenter Server address of either site changes, the connection status Not connected appears and you cannot reconnect the sites.


  1. Log in the VRMS Appliance Management Interface for the vSphere Replication appliance that is registered to the vCenter Server whose address has changed.
  2. Reconfigure the vSphere Replication appliance with the new vCenter Server address. See Configure the vSphere Replication Appliance to Connect to a vCenter Server.
  3. In the vSphere Replication user interface, from the list of target sites, select the connection that indicates the Not connected status.
  4. Select Site Pair > Summary, and click Reconnect.
  5. Select the services you want to pair. Enter the address of the Platform Services Controller on the remote site, provide the vCenter Single Sign-On user name and password, and click Reconnect.
    If the Platform Services Controller manages more than one vCenter Server instance, the other vCenter Server instances appear in the list but you cannot select a different instance. You can only select the vCenter Server instance that vSphere Replication already extends.
  6. Verify that the connection between the two sites is successfully restored and the status is Connected.