Starting in vSphere 6.7, vSphere DRS can handle VMs running on next generation persistent memory devices, also known as Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) devices.

NVM is exposed as a host-local data store. The VMs could use this datastore in two forms:

  • As an NVM device exposed to the guest for its use (Virtual Persistent Memory or vPMem)
  • As a location for a virtual machine disk (Virtual Persistent Memory Disk or vPMemDisk)

DRS considers a VM's NVM during the following operations.

  • VM power-on placement
  • Load balancing
  • Mandatory moves

During all of these operations, DRS is aware of NVM devices attached to VMs and guarantees the destination ESXi host of the VM has enough free persistent memory (PMem) to accommodate the VM.

For more information about NVM devices and their support in vSphere, please refer to the vSphere 6.7 Storage guide.

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