As part of our new and enhanced DRS, a new VM initial placement feature was enabled in vSphere 6.5. In earlier versions, DRS took a snapshot of the cluster state to come up with a host recommendation for VM initial placement. In vSphere 6.5, the new algorithm completely avoids snapshotting, so generating recommendations for placement is much faster and the recommendations are also more accurate. VM placement in DRS has the following highlights.

  • More even placement of VMs across the cluster upon power-on
  • Much faster VM power-on, even with highly concurrent workloads

In vSphere 6.5, the new VM placement was available in limited configurations. For example, it was not available for:

  • Clusters where DPM/Proactive HA/HA with admission control is enabled
  • Clusters with DRS configured in manual mode
  • VMs with manual DRS override setting
  • VMs that are FT-enabled
  • VMs that are part of a vApp

In vSphere 6.7, the new placement has been made available for all configurations.

More information about the new VM placement can be found in the DRS 6.5 white paper.

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