You can use Instant Clone technology to create powered-on virtual machines from the running state of another powered-on virtual machine. The result of an Instant Clone operation is a new virtual machine that is identical to the source virtual machine. With Instant Clone, you can create new virtual machines from a controlled point in time. Instant cloning is very convenient for large-scale application deployments because it ensures memory efficiency and allows for creating numerous virtual machines on a single host.

In the following figure, the Y-axis shows the total completion time of 64 clones in seconds. Linked clones took 128 seconds; Instant clones took 44 seconds.

Instant clone performance (fully clone and boot 64 clones) – lower is better

The time to fully deploy and boot 64 clones using vSphere 6.7 Instant Clone showed approximately 2.8x improvement over the older, Linked Clone architecture.

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