About the Authors

Qasim Ali is a Staff Engineer II in the Performance team at VMware. He graduated with a PhD from Purdue University in 2009. Since then, he has been working on tuning vSphere's hypervisor and VMkernel stack (CPU, memory, and power). Currently, he is focused on persistent memory (PMEM) performance in vSphere. He enjoys the challenges of optimizing vSphere using the latest hardware enhancements and technologies. He is the author of many conference papers, patents, and VMworld presentations.

Praveen Yedlapalli is a Sr. MTS in the vSphere performance team. He focuses on the CPU and memory management in the VMkernel. He is actively working on quantifying and improving PMEM performance in vSphere. Praveen has a PhD from Pennsylvania State University (2014) where he focused on improving CPU-memory bottlenecks. He is the author of many CPU/memory publications and has given talks at various academic and VMworld conferences.


We would like to thank Tuyet Pham from the vSphere Performance team and Sreekanth Setty from the Outbound Performance team who helped us in conducting various experiments.

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