After running a migration assessment on your vRealize Automation 7 source environment, you can migrate deployments to VMware Aria Automation 8.

The results of your business groups' deployments migration assessment are listed on the Migration > Deployments tab. All assessed deployments are listed with their status:

  • Ready - Deployment is ready for migration. No action is needed for migration readiness.
  • Ready with warnings - Deployment is ready but needs review. Remediate any issues that might impact migration.
  • Not ready - Deployment is not ready for migration. Review details of the deployment in your source environment and correct areas needing attention.
  • Assessing - Deployment is still being assessed for migration readiness.
  • Assessment failed - The assessment failed, retry assessment.
If applicable, after modifying any deployments, to re-assess your deployments select the business group and click Update to update its status in the assessment results table.
Nota: You can only migrate deployments after successfully migrating the associated business group to VMware Aria Automation 8, regardless of deployment assessment status.

Required: Before migrating your deployments, you must take a snapshot of your VMware Aria Automation 8 environment.

To migrate deployments, select one or more business groups under the Deployments tab with any status and click migrate. Deployments that are Not ready are excluded from migration.
Nota: Migration of a deployment is final regardless of whether it succeeded or failed. You cannot retry a deployment migration.

After migrating, you can click the business group's name to view its deployments assessment and migration results and status:

  • Migrating - Deployment is being migrated.
  • Migrated - Deployment was migrated successfully. You can view and use the migrated deployment in your VMware Aria Automation 8 environment.
  • Failed - Deployment failed to migrate.
  • Excluded - Deployment was excluded from migration because it was Not ready.
Before you can migrate a deployment of a specific business group, the business group infrastructure must be migrated first. The status of the infrastructure migration is also shown on the Migration > Deployments tab.