You can manage non-OpenStack volumes on the Cinder hosts in your deployment. Managing a volume makes it usable in your OpenStack deployment.


  1. Inicie sesión en el panel de control de VMware Integrated OpenStack como administrador de nube.
  2. En el menú desplegable de la barra de título, seleccione el proyecto de admin.
  3. Select Admin > Volume > Volumes.
  4. Click Manage Volume and enter the desired configuration.
    Option Description


    Enter the name or identifier for the source volume.

    Nota: To migrate a volume from the VMDK back end to the FCD back end, enter the ID of the existing VMDK volume.

    Identifier Type

    Select Name or ID.

    Nota: To migrate a volume from the VMDK back end to the FCD back end, select ID.


    Enter the Cinder host that contains the existing volume. Use the following format: host:backend-name@pool.

    Volume Name

    Enter a name for the volume.


    Enter a description of the volume.


    Enter metadata as key-value pairs. For example, img_config_drive=mandatory.

    Volume Type

    Select a volume type for the volume.

    Availability Zone

    Select an availability zone in which to place the volume.


    Select the checkbox to allow instances to boot from the volume.

  5. Click Manage.


The specified volume is managed by Cinder and visible in OpenStack.