You can use the REST API identity service to assign a user to a role.


Use the supported input parameters to control the command output.






Specifies the host name and fully qualified domain name or IP address of the vRealize Automation identity server.


Specifies a valid HTTP bearer token with necessary credentials.


Specifies the ID of the tenant.


Specifies the ID of the user in name@domain format.


Specifies the ID of the user role.

curl Command

The following example command string submits a request to assign the user tony in the domain to the tenant administrator role. It provides empty braces for the required JSON payload. See Syntax for Searching LDAP or Active Directory for a User for more information about getting the user name and domain values.

curl --insecure -H "Content-Type: application/json" 
-H "Authorization: Bearer $token"
"https://$host/identity/api/authorization/tenants/development/principals/" --data "{}"

JSON Output

If the command is successful, the HTTP response body is empty except for a 204 No Content status statement.