You can use the content management service to import an XaaS content bundle.


Tableau 1. XaaS Import Input Parameters




Identifies the .zip file that is the content bundle to import.


The prefix to use with imported objects. Ensures avoidance of a duplicate name failure.


Set to true to rename or prefix conflicting objects.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.

Tableau 2. Import and Export Response Body Parameters




Over all status of the import/validation operation, one failure in import/validation result guarantees failed status. Values are as follows:

  • Successful - Denotes the successful import or validation status at a particular component or package level.

  • Partial - Denotes a scenario that warrants a system level warning. Alerts the user about a possible error condition that the proposed action may create.

  • Failed - Denotes an import or validation failure at a particular component package level.


Set of collected content import/validation results populated by the provider. The Content import operation result collection is the set of content that passed or failed:

  • entityType - (string) The ID for the entity being imported.

  • entitytId - (string) Unique content ID within the file system.

  • messageKey - (string)

  • logLevel - The logging level to use for any errors that occur.

  • message - Information returned by the provider.

  • entityName - (anyType) Name of the entity being imported.

Example Curl Command

The following command imports a file called

curl --insecure -X POST -H"Authorization: Bearer $token"-H"Content-Type: multipart/form-data"-F""-F"prefix=prefix_"-F"prefixOnlyConflicting=true"' https://$host/advanced-designer-service/api/content/bundles'

JSON Output

The output of the command is a message indicating the status and details of the import operation.

  "importStatus" : "SUCCESSFUL",
  "data" : [ {
    "logLevel" : "INFO",
    "entityType" : "com.vmware.vcac.designer.service.domain.ServiceBlueprint",
    "entityId" : "4740aa54-61e6-47d7-945f-0bb50ff153c8",
    "entityName" : "XaaSBlueprint",
    "messageKey" : "import.blueprint.success",
    "message" : "Success"
  } ]