You can use the REST API reservation service to update a vRealize Automation reservation policy.

Avant de commencer

  • Log in to vRealize Automation as a fabric group administrator.

  • Verify that the host name and fully qualified domain name of the vRealize Automation instance are available.

  • Verify that you have a valid HTTP bearer token that matches your login credentials. See REST API Authentication.

  • Get the required reservation policy ID. See Syntax for Listing Reservation Policies.

  • Query the reservation policy and copy the response output to an XML editor for use as the basis of your command input for this task. See Syntax for Displaying a Reservation Policy by ID.

Pourquoi et quand exécuter cette tâche

For information about available command input and output parameters, see Syntax for Updating a Reservation Policy.


  1. Query the reservation policy and copy the response output to an editor.
  2. Change the following information to use as the basis of the command input for this task.
    • Reservation policy name

    • Reservation policy description

    • Reservation policy type ID

  3. Update the name and description values for the reservation policy ID.

    The following example syntax updates the information for reservation policy ID 94d74105-831a-4598-8f42-efd590fea15c.

    curl –X PUT --insecure -H "Accept:application/json" 
    -H "Authorization: Bearer $token" 
    https://$host/reservation-service/api/reservations/policies/94d74105-831a-4598-8f42-efd590fea15c -d “
      "id": "94d74105-831a-4598-8f42-efd590fea15c",
      "name": "ReservationPolicyTestRename",
      "description": "ReservationPolicyDescTestRename",
      "reservationPolicyTypeId": "Infrastructure.Reservation.Policy.ComputeResource"

    If the command is successful, the HTTP response body is empty except for a 204 No Content status statement.