Monitor the upgrade progress on your workload domain


  1. The Update in Progress section in the workload domain detail page displays the high level update progress and the number of components to be updated.
  2. Details of the component being updated is shown below that.
  3. Click the arrow to see a list of tasks being performed to update the component. As the task is completed, it shows a green check mark.
  4. When all tasks to update a component have been completed, the update status for the component is displayed as Updated.
  5. If a component fails to be updated, the status is displayed as Failed. The reason for the failure as well as remediation steps are displayed.
  6. After you resolve the issues, the bundle becomes available. You can then apply the bundle or schedule it to be applied at a specific date and time.

What to do next

  1. Remove the VM snapshots you had taken before starting the update.
  2. Take a backup of the newly installed components.