The operations management layer focuses on the components used for day-to-day management of the Cloud Foundation environment.

Cloud Foundation automatically deploys vRealize Log Insight in the management domain during a deployment. Other components within the management domain are automatically configured to utilize this vRealize Log Insight instance. With the appropriate licensing in place, this vRealize Log Insight Instance can also be utilized by other workload domains. You must define the hostnames and IP addresses for the vRealize Log Insight components prior to beginning the deployment of Cloud Foundation.

Cloud Foundation automates the deployment of vRealize Operations. This optional component is deployed within the management domain. Deployment of vRealize Operations also deploys a virtual machine for vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (vRSLCM) and a edge device used for load balancing within the management domain. These two components are shared between vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation and are automatically installed if either product is deployed. Hostname and IP information is required to be defined for the vRealize Operations components to be installed within the solution and the shared components if not previously deployed.

vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation are not supported for NSX-T workload domains yet.

The following table provides an example of the information to be collected for the operations management layer, including the shared components with vRealize Automation. If you are deploying both vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation, the shared components are only installed once. This example uses a fictional DNS domain called rainpole.local for illustration purposes. Modify the sample information to conform to your site's configuration.

Table 1. Sample Host Names and IP Addresses for Operations Management Layer
Component Group Hostname DNS Zone IP Address Network Description
vRealize Log Insight sfo01vrli01 sfo01.rainpole.local Management Virtual IP address of the vRealize Log Insight integrated load balancer
sfo01vrli01a sfo01.rainpole.local Master node of vRealize Log Insight
sfo01vrli01b sfo01.rainpole.local Worker node 1 of vRealize Log Insight
sfo01vrli01c sfo01.rainpole.local Worker node 2 of vRealize Log Insight
vRealize Operations Manager (Optional) vrops01svr01 rainpole.local vRealize Virtual IP address of load balancer for the analytics cluster of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01a rainpole.local Master node of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01b rainpole.local Master replica node of vRealize Operations Manager
vrops01svr01c rainpole.local Data node 1 of vRealize Operations Manager
vrslcm01svr01a rainpole.local vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager (shared component with vRealize Automation)
sfo01m01lb01 rainpole.local vRealize Edge load balancer (shared component with vRealize Automation)