You can use the content management service to import an XaaS content bundle.


表 1. XaaS Import Input Parameters




Identifies the .zip file that is the content bundle to import.


The prefix to use with imported objects. Ensures avoidance of a duplicate name failure.


Set to true to rename or prefix conflicting objects.


The command output contains property names and values based on the command input parameters.

表 2. Import and Export Response Body Parameters




Over all status of the import/validation operation, one failure in import/validation result guarantees failed status. Values are as follows:

  • Successful - Denotes the successful import or validation status at a particular component or package level.

  • Partial - Denotes a scenario that warrants a system level warning. Alerts the user about a possible error condition that the proposed action may create.

  • Failed - Denotes an import or validation failure at a particular component package level.


Set of collected content import/validation results populated by the provider. The Content import operation result collection is the set of content that passed or failed:

  • entityType - (string) The ID for the entity being imported.

  • entitytId - (string) Unique content ID within the file system.

  • messageKey - (string)

  • logLevel - The logging level to use for any errors that occur.

  • message - Information returned by the provider.

  • entityName - (anyType) Name of the entity being imported.

Example Curl Command

The following command imports a file called

curl --insecure -X POST -H"Authorization: Bearer $token"-H"Content-Type: multipart/form-data"-F""-F"prefix=prefix_"-F"prefixOnlyConflicting=true"' https://$host/advanced-designer-service/api/content/bundles'

JSON Output

The output of the command is a message indicating the status and details of the import operation.

  "importStatus" : "SUCCESSFUL",
  "data" : [ {
    "logLevel" : "INFO",
    "entityType" : "com.vmware.vcac.designer.service.domain.ServiceBlueprint",
    "entityId" : "4740aa54-61e6-47d7-945f-0bb50ff153c8",
    "entityName" : "XaaSBlueprint",
    "messageKey" : "import.blueprint.success",
    "message" : "Success"
  } ]