If you want to use third-party certificates in your environment, you must add a trusted root certificate to the certificate store.

필수 조건

Obtain the custom root certificate from your third-party or in-house CA.


  1. From a Web browser, connect to the Platform Services Controller at https://psc_hostname_or_IP/psc.

    In an embedded deployment, the Platform Services Controller host name or IP address is the same as the vCenter Server host name or IP address.

  2. administrator@vsphere.local 또는 vCenter Single Sign-On 관리자 그룹에 속한 다른 멤버의 사용자 이름과 암호를 지정합니다.

    설치 시 다른 도메인을 지정한 경우에는 administrator@mydomain으로 로그인합니다.

  3. Select Certificate Management.
  4. Enter the Appliance credentials.
  5. Select Trusted Root Certificates, and click Add certificate.
  6. Click Browse and select the location of the certificate chain.

    You can use a file of type CER, PEM, or CRT.

다음에 수행할 작업

Replace the Machine SSL certificates and, optionally, the Solution User certificates with certificates that are signed by this CA.