You install the update on the Identity Appliance before you update the vRealize Appliance.



  1. Log in to the Identity Appliance management console and open the Update tab.
    1. 정규화된 도메인 이름을 사용하여 가상 장치의 관리 콘솔로 이동합니다.
    2. Log in with the user name root and the password you specified when the appliance was deployed.
    3. Click the Update tab.
  2. 업데이트 확인을 클릭하여 업데이트가 있는지 확인합니다.
  3. Click Install Updates.
  4. Click OK to confirm that you want the update to proceed.

    The time it takes for the update to finish is dependent on your site environment.

  5. After the update is installed, reboot the virtual appliance.
    1. Click the System tab.
    2. Click Reboot and confirm your selection.
  6. Clear the cache of the Web browser used to access the management console.

What to do next

Install the Update on the vRealize Automation Appliance.