You can use VMware Remote Console to access VNC servers, to view and control remote desktops from the command line.

To access a remote VNC desktop with VMware Remote Console, perform the following steps.

Необходимые условия

  • Install VMware Remote Console on your local system.
  • Set up a VNC server on the desktop you want to control.


  1. For Linux
    1. а. Open a terminal program and run the following command:
      vmrc vnc://<server address>:<port>
  2. For Windows
    1. а. Open a command shell or PowerShell window.
    2. б. Change the current directory to the VMware Remote Console installation directory.
    3. в. Open VMware Remote Console with the following command:
      vmrc.exe vnc://<server address>:<port>
  3. For macOS
    1. а. Open a terminal and run the following command:
      open -a "/Applications/VMware Remote" "vnc://<server address>:<port>"
  4. Input the VNC authentication password in the prompt dialog box, and click Connect.


VMware Remote Console connects to the specified VNC server.

  • The VNC protocol does not provide for the confidentiality or integrity of a remote session. So, avoid using it over untrusted links. Recommended use is only over a trusted network such as a VPN or SSH tunnel.
  • When connecting to VNC servers, the proxy configured for the remote VM connection is ignored. VMware Remote Console will try to connect to the provided VNC server address directly.

Дальнейшие действия

To transfer the mouse and keyboard input to the remote desktop, click the screen of the remote desktop in VMware Remote Console. To release the mouse and keyboard back to your local client, press Ctrl+Alt for Windows and Linux, or Ctrl+Command for macOS.