You can configure the display resolution preferences that determine how a virtual machine is displayed only after resizing the window in VMware Remote Console.

Необходимые условия

Change the display resolution by resizing the window. This action can work if VMware Tools is installed and is up to date in the virtual machine.


  1. In a web browser, access vmrc://settings.
    If VMware Remote Console is already open, you can also access the settings through the menu.
    • On Windows, select VMRC > Preferences.
    • On macOS, select VMRC > Preferences.
    • On Linux, select File > Remote Console Preferences.
  2. Select Display.
  3. Select the VM Window Resize setting.
    Preferences Options Description
    Autofit Guest Resize the virtual machine and the window. The virtual machine display resolution will resize to fit the window.
    Stretch Mode Stretch the virtual machine in the window. The virtual machine display will stretch to fill the window, and the resolution is unchanged.

    These display resolution preferences apply to both normal window and full screen mode.