After migrating your vRealize Automation 7 source environment components, you can view the migration results.

To view your migration results, click the Migration Results tab on the Infrastructure, Subscriptions, and Deployments tabs. The migrated components are listed with their status:

  • Migrating - Item is being migrated.
  • Migrated - Migration is complete and successful. You can view and use the migrated item in your VMware Aria Automation 8 environment.
  • Failed - The migration failed. Review the item in your source environment, modify as needed, retry migration.
  • Excluded - Not Ready business group, subscription, or deployment was migrated but any of its not ready items were not migrated and are listed as excluded.

  • Rollback - Migrated item was rolled back and is no longer available for use in VMware Aria Automation 8.

You can also export your migration results by clicking export. The migration results report includes live links that when clicked open the migrated content in VMware Aria Automation 8.