App Metrics displays up to six weeks of logs, metrics, and event data from apps that run on VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs). App Metrics graphically presents this data to help you better understand the health and performance of your apps.

What’s new in App Metrics

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Spring Boot Micrometer and tagged metrics support Custom Metrics
CAPI v3 multi-process and rolling deployment support Observability by Process Type
Declarative custom observability codification Adding Custom Metrics Charts
Persistent, sharable dashboard customizations Adding Custom Metrics Charts
Improved time selection experience Time Selection
Improved data ingestion performance for live metrics and logs observation Live Metrics and Logs
Metrics: Fault-tolerant, scalable metrics with increased data retention Metric Store
Metrics: Easy querying Metric Store API
Logs: Fault-tolerant, scalable logs with increased data retention Log Store
Logs: Easy querying Log Store API

About the Log Store

In App Metrics, Log Store provides a persistent storage layer for logs sent through Loggregator.

Log Store has the following features:

  • Multi tenant aware: Log Store uses the auth proxy to ensure that app developers can only access their own logs.

  • Ubiquitous query language: Log Store uses a PromQL style label selector query for filtering logs.

  • Powerful storage engine: Log store uses the InfluxDB storage engine, which has built in compression and a memory efficient series index. For more information about the InfluxDB storage engine, see InfluxDB documentation.

Log Store offers multinode deployments, data replication, and load balancing in a highly available configuration.

Product snapshot

The following table provides version and version-support information about App Metrics.

Element Details
Tile version v2.2.1
Release date September 25, 2023
Compatible Ops Manager versions v2.6 and later
Compatible TAS for VMs versions v2.11, v2.13, v3.0 and v4.0
IaaS support AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenStack, and vSphere
IPsec support Yes
Browser support Latest major versions of Google, Chrome and Firefox browsers

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