Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform

Application Service Adapter provides compatibility with CF client interfaces while running on top of K8s and integrating with Tanzu Application Platform. Learn more in this topic.

With Application Service Adapter, development teams using Tanzu Application Service tooling, such as the Cloud Foundry command-line interface (cf CLI) and other clients of the Cloud Foundry API (CAPI), can maintain their familiar workflows while their platform teams transition their infrastructure and deployments to Kubernetes.

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Application Service Adapter overview

The following diagram shows a high-level architecture of Application Service Adapter with user flows. These are also described in the following sections.

alt-text="Application Service Adapter architecture diagram shows user flows."

Application Service Adapter is distributed as a Carvel package for platform teams to configure and install to a Kubernetes cluster with the Tanzu CLI tool. The key user personas of Application Service Adapter remain the same as the user personas of Tanzu Application Serivce: the platform operator and the app developer.

Platform teams create Cloud Foundry orgs and spaces in the installation, which the Application Service Adapter backs with separate Kubernetes namespaces. Application developers then use these orgs and spaces to organize their apps as they do today with Tanzu Application Service.

Application developers log in to their Application Service Adapter installation with credentials for the underlying Kubernetes cluster, but then use the cf CLI and CAPI to push apps and to map routes to them.

Application Service Adapter integrates with an existing installation of Tanzu Build Service component of Tanzu Application Platform to build container images for app code deployed to the platform. It also integrates with Contour to realize ingress routes to running apps.

To learn about Kubernetes cluster requirements and to plan your installation, see Reference architecture.

To install Application Service Adapter and its dependencies, go to Installing prerequisites.

Notice of telemetry collection for Application Service Adapter

Application Service Adapter for VMware Tanzu Application Platform participates in the VMware Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP). As part of CEIP, VMware collects technical information about your organization’s use of VMware products and services in association with your organization’s VMware license keys. For information about CEIP, see the Trust & Assurance Center. You may join or leave CEIP at any time. The CEIP Standard Participation Level provides VMware with information to improve its products and services, identify and fix problems, and advise you on how to best deploy and use VMware products. For example, this information can enable a proactive product deployment discussion with your VMware account team or VMware support team to help resolve your issues. This information cannot directly identify any individual.

You must acknowledge that you have read the VMware CEIP policy before you can proceed with the installation. For more information, see Tanzu Application Platform Telemetry. To opt out of CEIP participation after installation, see Opt out of telemetry collection.

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