You can resynchonize vCenter, update credentails, and unregister a vCenter from Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu.

  • Resynchronize operation updates the inventory tree view to reflect any changes in vCenter inventory objects like add, rename, and remove of a folder or a cluster.
  • Update Credentials updates the assinged or existing vCenter credentials.
  • Unregister a vCenter Server operation unregisters vCenter fromApplication Transformer for VMware Tanzu.
    Note: When you unregister a vCenter server, all the VMs, components, and applications still exists. But you cannot perform any actions on them. You see the Associated vCenter Unregistered icon next to their names in the respective view details page.


Ensure that you have the required permissions to manage vCenter.


  1. Click Discovery from the main menu.
  2. On the left navigation page, go to Inventory > vCenters.
  3. Select a vCenter from the table.
  4. Click More(...).
    1. To resynchronize, then click vCenter Resync.
    2. To update the vCenter credentials, click Update Credentials and then select a credential from the list.

      If you do not have a defined credential, select Add Credential, enter the credentials, and alias.

    3. To unregister, click Unregister vCenter, and then click Yes on the confirmation window.

What to do next

Scan or Introspect the vCenter to view the inventory updates.