The list of component signatures might be large, which can increase time of each introspection. Also, you may not want to detect all of the identifiable components. So, you can perform selective component discovery using introspection filters, which scans only the filtered components.

Note: These filters are at global level. It will not delete previously detected components in a virtual machine.


  1. Click Discovery from the main menu.
  2. On the left navigation page, go to Settings > Component Signatures.
  3. Click Filter and select or deselect the components for introspection.
  4. Click Submit.
  5. Click View to see the components in the list view.


Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu introspects only selected components.

What to do next

You can trigger an introspection task to see changes. Previous introspection’s detected components will not be deleted. For example: Suppose Component_X is detected in a virtual machine but later removed from the filtered list using introspection filters. Then Component_X will not be shown in the Virtual Machines page but it will not be deleted. In later introspection tasks, this Component_X will be ignored and no operations will be performed on that.