Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 2.0 | 14 JUL 2022 | Build 20091861

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What's New

Key features in this release:

  • Integrates with Cloud Suitability Analyzer (CSA): Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 2.0 integrates with Cloud Suitability Analyzer (CSA), and generates a score between 1 to 10 to determine the application readiness for containerization. If the score is less (below 10), Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu provides a list of findings, and prepares a list of recommendations to update the application for containerization.
  • Supports Windows Containerization: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 2.0 supports two types of Windows Containerization.
    • IIS Website Containerization
    • Microsoft .NET Core Console App Containerization
  • Supports VM Containerization: You can containerize a VM running on an ESX machine that is managed by a vCenter Server to deploy on the TKG cluster.
  • Enhancements to Tomcat Containerization:
    • Enables you to select the applications for containerization
    • Allows you to edit the generated docker file
    • Populates environment variables in the deployment file
    • Supports Tomcat Day 2 operations, which includes updating Base OS, Tomcat version, Java version and upgrade application
  • Discovery Enhancements:
    • You can see the list of all the processes that are running on the introspected VMs and also export the report.
    • You can see additional details in the reports.
    • You can download the report based on the filter you apply on the inventory details.
  • Topology Improvements:
    • Includes active and historic flows from vRealize Network Insight.
    • Groups the processes and flows into additional categories:
      • anonymous : processes that do not fall under supported signatures
      • miscellaneous : flows that do not have an associated VM or when the VM is not yet introspected.
      • Others : flows from component to a non-vCenter inventory like physical machines, other cloud providers or Internet.
  • Supports additional component signatures: Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu 2.0 supports more than 200 additional component signatures for Linux and Windows platforms. To view the complete list, go to Discovery > Settings > Component Signatures on the UI.

Product Upgrade

For upgrade procedure, see to the Upgrading Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu section in the Install Guide.


For additional information about new features, see the Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu documentation.

Resolved Issues

  • The vCenter Resync option does not update the new vCenter tags on the VMs.

  • If you have added a registry in the 1.0 or 1.1 version, then the validation for Base OS Image might fail during the Transform phase.

    Upgrade Application Transformer for VMware Tanzu to 1.1.1 version and go to Transform > Image Registry to re-add or update registry.

  • Tomcat Analysis on Ubuntu VM fails if Java is updated on the VM, but Tomcat still refers to the old Java version.

    To fix the issue, restart the Tomcat service or process and perform introspection again.

  • If Tomcat is upgraded from 7 to 10 version, the docker container fails to start from created image.

    Containerize Tomcat using the generic transform flow (Process Containerization) to copy the required folders and override the required files.

Known Issues

  • In some versions of Windows OS Mozilla Firefox browser, process containerization stops responding after Entrypoint stage.

    To avoid the issue, update the Mozilla Firefox browser to the latest version or use a different browser. You can see the list of supported at Supported Web Browsers.

  • The binary analysis might fail with the BINARY NOT FOUND error.

    Perform the following steps:

    1. Go to Discovery > Virtual Machines and expand the VM view.
    2. Navigate to the component to add or update the path of the binaries for a component.
    3. On the component details section, click the + sign on the Services field.
    4. Enter the service or binary name and its path.
    5. Run the Analysis again.
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