A Provider Administrator user manages system-wide Data Management for VMware Tanzu settings from the Settings view. These settings include those for:

  • Object storage repositories for templates and logs
  • Tanzu Network
  • Provider internal backup repository
  • LDAP configuration
  • SMTP email configuration
  • Elastic Search

You can also set up a High Availability configuration for the Provider VM from the Settings view.

Supported Actions

Actions that you can perform from the Settings view include:

Action Description
Configure Elastic Search Configure Elastic Search for log aggregation.
Configure High Availability Configure a multi-Provider DMS deployment.
Configure Tanzu Network Configure the token that DMS uses to access Tanzu Network.
Configure Provider Storage Configure the repository that DMS uses for local storage of available database templates and software updates.
Configure Provider Log Storage Configure the repository that DMS uses for storing generated log bundles.
Configure Provider Backup Settings Configure the repository that DMS uses to store backups of the Provider internal database.
Configure Email Settings Configure an SMTP server for DMS system emails.
Configure LDAP Settings Configure an LDAP server for user import into DMS.
Update RabbitMQ Settings Configure the public RabbitMQ server address and port.
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