You can install Workstation Player on end user machines using a command line and specify the Horizon FLEX server connection settings by using a uniform resource identifier (URI). When installation of Workstation Player is complete, the end user is prompted to connect to a server and download a Horizon FLEX virtual machine.


  • Give the end user a password for the server and the Workstation Player license key for use with Horizon FLEX.


    You don't need to provide end users with the license key if you distributed the Horizon FLEX license key. See Distribute the Horizon FLEX Client License Key.


Construct a URI to create a customized Workstation Player installation and deployment package.

The command line has the following structure:

VMware-player-x.x.x-xxxxxxx.exe /v PLAYER_RVM_URI="vmware-rvm://"

Specify the version and build number of the Workstation Player .exe file. username is the user's login name and is the host name of the server. You must include vmware-rvm:// and :7443 in the server address. Do not include http or https in the server address.