If your Horizon FLEX virtual machine is on a USB device or is deployed to your Mac, you must register it with the Horizon FLEX server. You can then open it in Fusion Pro.

If your administrator instructed you to download the Horizon FLEX virtual machine, connect to the Horizon FLEX server and download the virtual machine to your Mac. You can then open it in Fusion Pro. See Download a Horizon FLEX Virtual Machine with Fusion Pro.

Obtain the following information from your Horizon FLEX administrator:

  • Instructions about whether to turn on a VPN connection.
  • Instructions about whether to install certificates on your Mac computer.
  • Credentials for connecting to the Horizon FLEX server and logging in to your virtual machine.
  • The encryption password for the virtual machine. You will need this password to open the virtual machine.


  • Install Fusion Pro on your Mac. See Install or Upgrade the Horizon FLEX Client for Mac.
  • If your virtual machine is on a USB device, connect the USB device to your computer and copy the virtual machine to your computer.
  • If a VPN connection is required, turn on the VPN.


  1. In the Applications folder on your Mac, click VMware Fusion.
  2. Select File > Open from the VMware Fusion menu bar and select the virtual machine.
  3. Type the decryption password that your Horizon FLEX administrator provided and click OK.
  4. If prompted, enter your company credentials to connect to the Horizon FLEX server and register your virtual machine.
    You must be online to complete this step.
  5. If a disclaimer message appears, click Power On if you agree.
    Your virtual machine may reboot to complete the process of applying the company configuration.
  6. Log in to the guest operating system with your company credentials.
    Note: When you open a virtual machine, if you enter an incorrect password three times consecutively, the system locks you out of the virtual machine for 15 minutes.

What to do next

If your virtual machine does not start, see Troubleshooting Horizon FLEX Virtual Machines.

To edit the virtual machine settings, see the appropriate documentation.

  • You might not be able to edit certain restrictions until you provide your restrictions password. Whether you can unlock restrictions or not depends on the restriction policy setting.

    To enter your restrictions password, open the Encryption & Restrictions dialog box in the Settings window. Click Click the lock to make changes or Lock/Unlock in the upper-right corner and enter the restrictions password.

  • If the virtual machine does not take your Active Directory passphrase as the encryption password at first startup, you are free to change the encryption password at any time. See Change the Password for an Encrypted Virtual Machine.
  • Configure the virtual machine settings as needed. See the VMware Fusion documentation at https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/index.html.