You are experiencing connectivity issues between two hosts. Before you run this action, check the visual path between two hosts, two logical switches, or two Edges for connectivity issues.


Packets are being dropped when one virtual machine is communicating with another virtual machine.


There may be a configuration issue with one of the logical components connecting the virtual machines together.


  1. In the NSX-vSphere Troubleshooting dashboard, in the Objects widget, select a logical switch.
  2. In the Data Collection Results widget, select Run VXLAN tunnel end point connectivity test from the Choose Action drop-down menu, and click Run Action.
  3. Select a host, and click OK.
    It may take up to two minutes for the results to appear depending on the refresh period specified in the Data Collection Results widget. You can reduce the refresh period by clicking Edit Widget, and clicking the down arrow to reduce the value of the Refresh Interval option.
  4. The test is run with a default packet of size of 1600 bytes. If you do not succeed to run the test, lower the packet size to 100 bytes, and run the test again.


If the test succeeds, there is a configuration problem on one or more of the switches between the two specified hosts.