The Management Pack for NSX for vSphere provides you with a high level view of your NSX for vSphere environment and enables you to drill down to more object-specific information by navigating from one dashboard to another, and also by opening selected objects in external applications. You can investigate problems and better analyze the provided information. You can also make configuration changes, as required.

A typical problem-solving workflow starts with a top-level view of your environment in the NSX-vSphere Main dashboard. If you detect a problem in your environment, drill-down to view more object-specific information. Navigate first to the NSX-vSphere Topology dashboard, to view the logical and physical networks. If you require more detailed information, navigate to the NSX-vSphere Object Path dashboard where you can select another object of the same type and see if there are any connectivity problems on the path between the two objects. Then, access the NSX-vSphere Troubleshooting dashboard and run specific actions on hosts, virtual machines, logical switches, and logical routers.