You can navigate from one Management Pack for NSX for vSphere dashboard to another and view related information for a selected object. Use dashboard navigation to display object-specific information in more detail, and view a visual path that can help you to detect configuration problems.

If an object has an alert opened in the NSX-vSphere Main dashboard, and you want to visualize how that object is connected in the logical and physical networks, select the object in the NSX-vSphere Main dashboard and navigate to the NSX-vSphere Topology dashboard. If, after discovering the logical and physical paths of the object, you require more detail, select an object, for example, a host, and navigate to the NSX-vSphere Object Path dashboard where you can select another host, and display a view of the path between the two hosts.

Dashboard navigation is available between the NSX-vSphere Main, NSX-vSphere Topology, and NSX-vSphere Object Path dashboards, and also from the NSX-vSphere Object Path dashboard to the NSX-vSphere Troubleshooting dashboard.


  1. Select an object in a widget.
  2. In the widget toolbar, click the Dashboard Navigation icon, and select Navigate.
  3. Select the dashboard to which you want to navigate.
    The selected object is displayed in the dashboard.

What to do next

If you have identified a problem with a specific object in the NSX-vSphere Topology dashboard, navigate to the NSX-vSphere Object Path dashboard where you can select an object of the same type and see if there are any connectivity issues between the two objects.