Before installing and configuring the Management Pack, ensure your system meets the following requirements:

vRealize Operations Requirements Dell EMC VNX (File/Block) Requirements

vRealize Operations 7.x or 8.x

 (Standard, Advanced, or Enterprise editions)

The Management Pack for Dell EMC VNX supports the following VNX versions:

Hardware generations:

VNX 5100+:

  • VNX 1: VNX5100, VNX5300, VNX5500, VNX5700, VNX7500
  • VNX 2: VNX5200, VNX5400, VNX5600, VNX5800, VNX7600, VNX8000

API versions:

  • File: EMC VNX Control Station Linux release 3.0 (NAS 8.1.X)
  • Block: Navisphere Secure Command Line Interface (NaviSecCLI) Revision

File:Primary Control Station Command Line Interface (CLI) via SSH on default SSH port 22 (TCP); (Optional: Secondary Control Station CLI)

Note: SSH must be enabled on the Control Station.

Block: NaviSecCLI Storage Processor A and/or B host names (Default port: 443 (TCP))

Note: NaviSecCLI must be installed on the vROps node the VNX Block adapter is running on. See: Pre-Configuration Tasks for Dell EMC VNX Systems.

File Credentials: Primary User Name/Password; (Optional: Secondary User Name/Password)

Block Credentials:NaviSecCLI User Name/Password

Note: For instructions on creating a least-privileged user (LPU) for VNX File/Block, see: Assigning User Privileges (VNX).