This method clears the SRM server configuration with the vSphere infrastructure. Returns a task object that can be used to monitor the operation.


ConfigurationTask clear(ConfigurationSpec config)

config parameter is a ConfigurationSpec data object that contains SRM configuration specification.

ConfigurationSpec has the following fields:

Field Description
siteName The SRM site name. If not set the site name is read from the current SRM configuration if it exists.
hostName The SRM server FQDN. Used when registering with infrastructure and management nodes. If not set, the DNS name will be used.

The SRM extension key. If not set the default extension key value of "com.vmware.vcDr" will be used.

clockToleranceSeconds The allowed server clock tolerance in seconds. If not set the default value of 3 seconds will be used. This parameter is used only when validating the VC server where SRM will be registered. Clock difference between SRM virtual appliance and vCenter Server should not exceed this value, otherwise the validation (or configuration) fails.
ConnectionSpec connection The connection specification. If not set the connection parameters will be read from the current SRM configuration if it exists.
adminUser The name of a user with sufficient privileges to perform configuration tasks on the infrastructure and management nodes as well as SSO service configuration tasks on the infrastructure node.
adminPassword Password for the administrator user.
deleteSrmData Delete SRM data. Used only when clearing SRM configuration. If set to true, existing SRM database will be deleted.
extraConfig Additional configuration settings in XML format. These settings are used to upgrade database.
localSrmUuid UUID of the local SRM Server. This is out parameter returned by ConfigurationManager.readCurrentConfig()
organization Organization name.
description Plugin description.
adminEmail Admin email.
moId Managed Object ID of this VM.
UICapabilities uiCapabilities A data object that represents what UI capabilities should be enabled.

ConnectionSpec is a structure that contains connection information for a service. It has the following fields:

Field Description
uri The PSC node URI. FQDN + optional port. If port not specified 443 will be used.
thumbprint Thumbprint of the PSC node's certificate. When the correct value is provided all security checks of the certificate are off.
vcInstanceId Identifier of the MGMT node to register with. If not specified the configuration service will assume embedded environment is used and will look for MGMT node services at the PSC node address.
vcThumbprint Thumbprint of the MGMT node's certificate.

UICapabilities is a structure that contains information about the DR-UI functionality.

Field Description
showApplianceConfigLink Boolean to indicate whether VC plugin should display the link to the management address.

ConfigurationTask is a managed object that provides operations to configure the SRM server. For more information, see Configuration Task.


  • InvalidArgument
  • RuntimeFault
  • ServiceBusy
  • SrmAlreadyRunning

For more information about the faults, see Faults in Site Recovery Manager Appliance Management API.