This topic provides an overview of the Stemcell versions available on VMware Tanzu Network.

A stemcell is a versioned OS image that BOSH uses to create VMs for the BOSH Director, VMware Tanzu Application Service for VMs (TAS for VMs), and other Service tiles such as VMware Tanzu SQL [MySQL]. For more information, see What is a Stemcell? in the BOSH documentation.

Stemcells are available for download on VMware Tanzu Network. Once downloaded, you can upload them to your deployment using the Stemcell configuration pane of a given tile or by navigating to the Stemcell Library page in Tanzu Operations Manager.

Before you upgrade Tanzu Operations Manager, always verify that all installed tiles are compatible with the version of Tanzu Operations Manager that you are deploying and its supported stemcells. For more information about Tanzu Operations Manager and stemcell compatibility, see Review Service Tile Compatibility in Upgrade Preparation Checklist.

To discover which stemcell version is used by which tile version, review the release notes or the VMware Tanzu Network download page for the tile.

Important Manual stemcell creation has been deprecated. Use stembuild v2019.23 or later to create stemcells automatically. For more information,see Creating a Windows Stemcell for vSphere using stembuild.

Ubuntu Linux Stemcell Lines

This section lists Linux-based stemcells used by Tanzu Operations Manager.

Xenial Stemcells

Each stemcell line has a corresponding release notes section. See the links below:

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (Xenial) will be supported until 2024

Add-on Support for Xenial Stemcells

If you use any of the following Tanzu Operations Manager add-ons, you must update the add-on and its configuration to be compatible with the Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 stemcell before deploying any tiles that use Xenial. The following add-on versions support the Xenial stemcell:

For information about which tile releases use Xenial, see Tiles Using Xenial Stemcells.

Jammy Stemcells

See the Jammy Release Notes for more information.

Ubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy) will not be supported after its End of Standard Support (April 2027).

Windows Stemcell Lines

This section lists Windows-based stemcells used by Tanzu Operations Manager. Each stemcell line has a corresponding release notes section. See the links below:

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