Uhana by VMware is an advanced analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solution that provides real-time subscriber level insights using streaming telemetry from 4G/LTE, 5G/NR radio access networks (RAN), and the mobility management entity (MME) in the LTE and 5G NSA networks.

The Uhana by VMware platform automatically

  • Detects where subscribers are experiencing poor service

  • Identifies root causes that are negatively impacting subscriber experience

  • Performs impact assessment for subscribers or subscriber groups that are impacted the most

  • Provides practical insights and recommendations to fix the problems

With Uhana by VMware key performance capabilities, you can

  • Improve customer experience management
  • Optimize operations
  • Automatically detect and triage interference
  • Recommend appropriate remediation

For more details on user tasks, see What Uhana by VMware can do.

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