About this task

You need a vCenter Server user to which you assign the role you created in the preceding section. It is recommended calling this user vlavroadmin. If your vCenter Server has been associated with an Active Directory Server, create a user in the said Active Directory Service, and then proceed to the next section to assign it the role for vRealize Orchestrator.

If you are using VMware vCenter Single Sign-On (SSO) Server to maintain your users, follow this procedure to create the vlavroadmin user:


  1. Log in to VMware vSphere Web Client(VWC) using administrator credentials. Click Administration in the Navigator pane.

    The browser displays the VWC Home page including a Navigator pane similar to the following. Note that the Administration tab is highlighted for emphasis.

    Figure 1. VWC Home Page

  2. Click Users and Groups.

    The browser displays a screen similar to the following:

    Figure 2. VWC - Administration - Users and Groups

  3. Select the SSO domain to which you wish to add the user from the Domain
  4. Click the green plus icon (pointed to by the arrow for emphasis) to add a new user.

    The browser displays the New User dialog similar to the following:

    Figure 3. VWC - New User

  5. Complete the fields in the dialog, giving the user the name vlavroadmin and assigning a conforming password, and then click OK.

    The browser closes the dialog and displays the Users and Groups page with your new user added.

  6. Now Click the Groups tab.

    Find the vRealize Orchestrator Administrators group in the list of existing groups.

    Figure 4. VWC - vCenter Users and Groups

  7. Click Add member (The only icon under Group Members)

    The browser displays the Add principals dialog similar to the following:

    Figure 5. VWC - Add Member - Add principals

  8. Find vlavroadmin in the User/Group list and then Click Add and OK.

    The browser closes the dialog and displays the Groups tab with your new user added to the vRealize Orchestrator Administrators group.


You have successfully created a VLA user in vCenter Server for VMware vRealize Orchestrator